Forbearance: Ode To Peshawar

(Published on 12/15/15)
On the morning of December 16th, 2014, parents in Peshawar, Pakistan would send their children to school one last time, oblivious to the fact that they would never see their children again.
In a tragedy that can be compared to that of Sandy Hook’s and of the recent Paris attacks (and many others as well), tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the Peshawar attacks, where the lives of of more than 140 people (at least 130 being children) in the Army Public School were brutally taken away by terrorists.
Last year, I had no other way to express my sorrow, except through poetry. Today, 365 days later, that pain is still as raw as it was on December 16th, 2014.

This life is a test, they say.
Our hearts are constantly being swayed.
As we are simply, silly little human beings
With finite emotions, finite feelings.
But the pain the mother goes through
as she lays her little one down to rest
with a final goodbye, she comforts his
lifeless body as he sleeps on her chest.
How does one tell this to the mother?
That “you must be patient, you must have *sabr”.
How do you explain to the one who will never again rest
As she struggles to endure this world, bearing the markings of this test.
As I ponder upon this, I cannot help but feel lost.
We all wish to attain *Jannah, but at what cost?
Then, I close my eyes, prostrate to the ground
And remember that my heart with the One who created it, is bound.
Perhaps that is why the heart was created, to be broken and torn
So that it could instead be mended and given back to it’s Creator.
May *Allah grant them sabr and *ridha to bear this pain
And to one day, live a complete life again.
Knowing that at the gates of Jannah, their children will stay
Only to reunite with their parents in the Hereafter, we pray.
The pain may never heal, but God does know best
So “Verily in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest”.

*Arabic Translations
Sabr- patience
Jannah- Heaven
Ridha- contentment
Allah- God
(For more information on the Peshawar Tragedy, I wrote a previous post sharing my thoughts and feelings about it here).


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