2015-11-14 14.47.04

This is what the world looks like to me. Diverse. Tolerant. Loving.

Clearly, a group of girls from different backgrounds. But here we are, bound together by love in the City of Love.

As we all know, yesterday was a tragic day for Paris. And equally, for Beirut. And equally, for Baghdad. The citizens of these three cities suffered tremendously at the hands of evil.

Is it ironic that yesterday was also World Kindness Day? I don’t think so.

All of us are changing our photos and updating our statuses to bring about awareness to the horrors that Paris faced yesterday.

Well, I too, desire to bring awareness.


This is for the French, who are standing firmly together to sing “Peuple français, connais ta gloire, Couronné par l’Égalité”.

This is for the Lebanese, who are mourning the innocent lives lost in the deadly bomb blast, regardless of faith.

This is for the Iraqis, who remain united, despite the malevolence of the cowardly terrorists.

This is for the millions upon millions who are tortured, killed, and placed under much despair every single day.

For the families who are left behind to bear the markings of pain, long after their loved ones are gone.

And finally, this is for those whose plights were never known nor will ever be known by us. They suffer and then leave this world silently without even being noticed by the rest of us

But every single one of these lives matters. A lot.

As much suffering as there is in this world, there is even more love. As we can plainly see, these horrible tragedies do bring the world together, regardless of faith or ethnicity or any other irrelevant boundaries. We can see that our numbers are far greater than the evils of this world.

We have a power, a great advantage that the oppressors and tyrants of this world lack….. we are still human.

We are still capable of feeling, of loving, and of caring.
If anything, let’s just be inspired by the courage, unity, and compassion that prove that humanity still exists, stronger than ever.

Let’s surpass these boundaries of race, faith, gender and continue to support, love, and stand for each other.

After all, je suis humain.


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