So a few of my photographs can be purchased and 100% of the proceeds from these two photographs will be donated directly to NuDay Syria and help to support their humanitarian efforts for the Syrian Refugee crisis, God willing. More information on a prior blogpost. This effort is still going on and the photographs are still purchasable as a part of this charity organization.

Another photograph, labeled “The Future” can be purchased on the Art For Syria website.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
The Future

This photo was not taken in Syria. But the scene is hauntingly reminiscent to the current state of Syria.

This photograph was taken in Pompeii, Italy. A city that is now a tourist site, as a reminder of the natural devastation that destroyed it centuries ago.

However, Syria is currently being destroyed. Its people are being destroyed and displaced. But not by a natural disaster. Rather, by man, war, and power.

I titled it “The Future” because there is still hope for the future. There is still hope left for Syria. There are many benevolent efforts out there that are doing all that they can to keep Syria and its people alive.

An effort such as this, using artwork to raise money and support the millions of Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance.

If interested in purchasing my (or any of the other participating artists’) artwork, please click here.

To reiterate, may our sincere efforts improve the lives of these human beings who are going through the most unimaginable of circumstances. They need all the help that they can get from us.

Thank you for your participation and most of all, for your help.

The first 10 people to purchase this photograph, can use the coupon forthefutureofsyria when ordering, to get free shipping.

-Amna ❤



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