About Us

Welcome to The East Street, we are the voices of two Pakistani American Muslim Women, a collective voice shared by many, but heard by few.

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We are a minority group, growing up and living in the West yet still influenced and defined by our Eastern heritage.

Through this blog, we are doing our part to fight the rampant misogyny and the misunderstood stereotypes that us women (regardless of faith, skin color, sexual orientation) incessantly face. We hope to spread awareness, challenge (the negative) culturally-rooted mindsets, and promote an understanding of Islamic ideals, beliefs, and values to the general public.

We are proud of who we are: strong American Muslim women who also embrace their intrinsic “aik dum mast” desi-ness (you can take the girl out of her des [country] but you can’t take the des out of the girl).

…ok ok, so we also want to gush over our designated Bollywood loves (Zanib falls for Ranbir Kapoor and Amna is a hardcore Varun Dhawan and Golden Age Shahrukh fan)  and talk about relevant topics such as health and nutrition (Amna IS going to be a dietitian), fashion and beauty (Zanib’s forté), and love and loss (both of which are potent and inescapable parts of life).

So, without further ado, here are our East Street Bloggers: Zanib and Amna! 👯

Zanib currently holds a Master’s in Healthcare Informatics and Management from USC and a bachelor’s in Biochemistry from Clemson University. Her goal is to get her doctorate degree and someday work with the World Health Organization (WHO).

 Her obsessions include all things epidemiology, glamour, lattes (Matcha, oh how I love thee), and out of the ordinary (including, but not limited to, pandas and unnecessary stationary). In addition, she is guilty of a love-hate relationship with the Kardashians, fangirling over One Direction, and stress shopping (happiness comes in shoe form).

Zanib loves her family, Islam, traveling (Lahore is bae), and Ranbir Kapoor (who shall whisk her away one day…iA). Her family and friends describe her as a very dramatic, hopeless romantic, fashion encyclopedia. So naturally, her favorite authors are Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy.

She is extremely health and exercise-oriented (an avid runner) until it comes to desserts, where self-control becomes nonexistent. When she is not drowning herself in frozen yogurt, she enjoys doing hot yoga (…and dancing to Bollywood songs, behind closed doors).🎈

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Amna is currently studying to obtain her Master of Science and become a Registered Dietitian in Chicago, Illinois. She loves Harry Potter (eight years later, she still hasn’t recovered from Fred Weasley’s death), Bollywood (the dramatic plots explain her filmi-ness), her family, her faith, healthy eating and living, and chocolate (yes, it’s that important).

Her greatest ambition in life is to use her skills in the field of nutrition and dietetics to help women all around the world (especially in developing countries) suffering from nutritional deficiencies. As the future of this world inevitably does depend upon the health, wellness, and empowerment (had to include that in there) of women.

She also hopes to pen a few books in the near future (hint to any publishers reading this 😉 ) .

Amna is fascinated by different cultures, religions, and languages. She likes to believe that she was French in a past life (oui c’est vrai, j’étais française!) and she is also a huge fan of Urdu and Persian poetry and especially fond of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi.
Her favorite quote by Rumi is
“Out beyond this world of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.”

Happy reading! 🐨

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